23 November, 2008

【遊戲】Beach Party Craze

There's no party like a beach party and there's no game like Beach Party Craze! Cater to the needs of your sun-kissed clients as you manage every aspect of a swanky coastline getaway. From making sure everyone has a spot near the shore, to serving drinks, to renting diving gear, to building rides, to stocking your souvenir store, there are plenty of tasks to keep you busy and earn you money for upgrades. Take the role of Maria as she tries to outdo her best-friend's spiteful ex in a contest to win a job with the owner of the resort in Beach Party Craze, a game so captivating, you'll feel the sand between your toes!

Key Game Features

* 50 levels
* 15 types of buildings
* 10 types of clients
* 50 upgrades
* Two assistants
* Seven mini-games



  1. 之前我有DOWNLOAD过一个GAME玩但忘了什么名1.这个GAME很特别,要运用我们的智慧去闯没一关.比如:找出七福的画挂回墙壁上,然后钢琴弹揍的音乐需要听好和自己从弹回出来.它没有任何暗示,需要自己去想才知道要做如此的事...一级比一级刺激呢.