17 May, 2010


她的名字叫孙梓欣,一个七个月大的baby急需A+或O血型的肝。我们迟点会登报纸筹款。谁乐意捐肝帮助这位baby请留言!我们真的很需要你们的帮忙。希望你们能救救这可怜的 baby…万分的感激…

梓欣在2009年9月25号出世就患上天性膽管阻塞(biliary atresia) 。 2010年1月6号,梓欣进行第一次手术(kasai), 但是手术失败,她的腹部还很大还有積水,皮膚黃色,情况没好转。2010年4月19号,梓欣到KL马大医院接受检查,医生指出需到新加坡進行肝臟移植手術。至现在都还没出院,因为梓欣受细菌感染。

She needs your help

Her name is Suen Zi Xin, a seven-month old baby needs blood type A + or O Liver. Later on we will published at the newspaper to raise for the Donations. Who is willing to donate liver to help the baby, please leave us a message! We really need your help. I hope you can save this poor baby. Highly appreciated. . . Zi Xin was born in 25th September 2009 been suffering from nature Biliary Atresia. On January 6, 2010, Zi Xin went for the first operation (kasai), but the operation failed, there still left so much of belly water and skin turn to yellowish, the situation did not improve at all. On April 19, 2010, Zi Xin went to University Hospital in PJ for further consultations, the Doctor advised that she to go Singapore to perform the liver transplant operations. Due to the bacterial infections, Zi Xin still under treatment in hospital for the moment.

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