05 September, 2007



Dear All,

> >This is my TRUE and REAL LIFE STORY , happened near end of 2006, I am
> >under age old girl who stilll sitting for my SPM, I was cheated my virgin
> >to a men named STEVE EUN SHIANG NEE ... I were introduced to this guy thru
> >internet, After some chit-chat (Messenger and phone calls), This guy date
> >me out for meet up.
> >
> >(MSN ID : steveeun@hotmail.com ) (AHMOI : steveeun or steveun)
> >
> >friendster http://www.friendster.com/11494492
> >
> >He is a very sweet talker. As my age, I really believe what he said to me
> >like how much he loved me and his promises to me.
> >
> >So, I decided to meet up.
> >
> >Our 1st date is at Christmas 2006. My mum not allow me go out till late
> >night so we decided not celebrate at KL.
> >
> >After a dinner and movie, he say bring me to clubbing at one of the pub and
> >bistro at PJ. In the club he is introduce some of his friends to me (Named
> >Jason, Alex and Mike) and he is offering me to take a lot of alcoholic
> >drinks and he tell me that he will take care of me. That night everybody
> >was drunk till very high and I suspect they have drop something in my
> >drink.. because after the next day I like not very sure was happening after
> >the clubbing session and I feel that my private part very pain and rashes
> >and I lost my virgin! In the motel, I found he sleep beside me, and he told
> >me that he will take responsibility and after I graduate he will marry me.
> >
> >After that night he like totally disappear for 2 weeks.. finally he called
> >me and ask me out. He is giving the explanation like his is rushing his
> >advertising job so that he don't have time to meet me. This time he offer
> >me to sex with him in the car and blow job to him. I feel very weird! But I
> >think that if you love someone you have too right?
> >
> >After someday I feel that they way he treat me is totally different than
> >before I give my everything to him. Sometimes he totally don't care my
> >feeling that I listened he sweet talk to other girls. He said is client..
> >but I don't think so..
> >
> >Do you boyfriend or husband simply tell girl that ' I so miss you dear ,
> >You are my sweetheart , please give me a chance to take care of you or
> >since the 1st day saw you I am very sure that god create you for me ' I was
> >very not in a good mood hearing or saw his sms. I found my private part
> >like become very worst, Itchy and Redness.Everytime after sex when he lay
> >beside me I will check his sms. One day, I found that a video clip on his
> >phone that was shooting me was raped by the 3 of his friends when the 1 st
> >night. This is not a kinda fun! I almost become crazy when I saw that video
> >clip I am very worried that when someday the video clip will sent out to
> >other peoples¡K.
> >
> >I don't dare to go out, don't dare to meet people coz I feel shy and
> >regret.
> >
> >Today I go to take my body check-up report. The report shows that I been
> >suspected AIDS!
> >
> >Doctor advised me to do they other check up to re-confirm.
> >
> >I really no such energytic to check again. I don't dare to make a police
> >report because I don't know how to face my parent and classmate. But I
> >decided to speared this email out to share my REAL Story to you I leave
> >this world. This guy is DARKEN my future and my shinny day. I found myself
> >is DIRTY!
> >
> >Attached is his picture which I got. **If U See this PLAYBOY or LOVER
> >CHEATER, Please wake up your mind and don't believe to what he CHEAT you
> >with his sweet talk.
> >
> >** Please help forward this mail to your colleague, sisters & everyone u
> >love!
> >
> >if you know this guy or currently he is your net friend PLEASE becareful,
> >girls please protect yourself and not follow my ending!
> >
> >SO that there will be no next victims like me.
> >Thank you very much!
> >
> >
> >
> >some of his conversation in msn:
> >
> >Eat Duck Bitter Middle Bitter,Than Direction People Upper People. says:
> >
> >...anyway...can u gv me a chance?
> >
> >Eat Duck Bitter Middle Bitter,Than Direction People Upper People. says:
> >
> >i just love u...onli u...how come got other gals???
> >
> >Eat Duck Bitter Middle Bitter,Than Direction People Upper People. says:
> >
> >I will take care of you in my whole life.. please let me protect you.


  1. 这个我也有收过,

  2. 凴良心說,這個男人熟口熟面~

  3. 我也收过,不过这个男的真的很够力讨人厌,还要十张十张都摆那个款!